1. Who can participate?

a. One individual per independently owned Mechanical Repair Facility; or Independent Repair Facility whose mechanical parts purchases make up the majority of overall parts purchases in a given quarter.

2. How much does it cost to participate?

a. Nothing. The program is free to enroll and participate in.

3. How do I earn rewards?

a. An IRF earns rewards by increasing their parts purchases quarter over prior year quarter by a minimum of 10% growth and by having equal to or greater than 50% of their parts purchases be mechanical.

4. How do I redeem rewards?

a. Rewards redemption is available the last two weeks of the first month following the quarter end. Simply click the Redeem button on the Parts Rewards portal to begin the redemption process.

5. How can I actually spend the rewards?

a. Rewards are delivered to the IRF on a physical MasterCard gift card or digitally through a virtual gift card. Details on transaction parameters are on each specific gift card terms and conditions.

6. What if I have additional questions?

a. Contact the Parts Rewards team for more information at (800) 466-1810 or partsrewards@concentrix.com

7. What if I change jobs?

a. If you are the main Parts Rewards account enrollee and leave your position, please reach out to the Parts Rewards team to update your account information.

8. What parts are eligible to be considered for rewards earning?

a. Any Nissan OE or Value Advantage ® part, or any Infiniti OE or Maintenance Advantage ® part purchased from a Nissan Dealership or Infiniti Retailer is eligible for inclusion in total parts purchases.

9. If an IRF joins the program in the middle of the quarter with $0 in previous year same quarter parts purchases, when will they be eligible to redeem rewards?

a. An IRF is eligible to redeem rewards based on the quarter’s purchase activity once the objective has been met. If an IRF joins in a quarter with $0 in parts purchases in previous year same quarter, they will be eligible to redeem rewards after reaching the growth objective of $1,250.

10. What browser should I be using in order to sign up or log in to the Parts Rewards Website?

a. In order to ensure proper use of the site, and enjoy an optimal experience, please switch to a Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari web browser.